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Buy Methandrostenolone Online (10)

Methandrostenolone can significantly enhance protein synthesis, showing anabolic activity at low androgenic effects. Therefore, after the reception of the drug quickly increases muscle mass, thanks to the activation of protein production and glycogenolysis. Also, there is an increase athletic performance, increased appetite, minor burn of body fat, strengthened skeletal system.

Although the drug has a weak androgenic effect, but still it exists. Studies have shown that expression of possible side effects are if the daily dosage is more than 30 mg.

Methandrostenolone Side Effects

During treatment with Methandrostenolone, you may experience the following side effects: diarrheal disorders, increased liver size, swelling, transient jaundice, masculinization in women and so on.

Methandrostenolone Dosage / Cycle

According to the instructions of the drug, tablets should be taken orally at a daily dose of 50 mg to 1 g before meals.

The duration of cycle is about 4 to 8 weeks.

Medical directories and Wikipedia contains information that in order to increase muscle mass, these pills can be taken by men older than 21 years. Thus it is necessary to take into account the existing of contraindications. Per day is not recommended to take more than 30 mg. Admission of tablets should be 2-3 times, on an empty stomach.

Starting Methandrostenolone cycle should be at 10 mg daily dose is then gradually increased to 20-30 mg. The average duration - 6 weeks.

A week later, it is recommended to attach the aromatase inhibitors. For example, after 3 days to begin receiving Anastrozole at 0.5 mg. This will reduce the degree of conversion to estrogen and reduce accumulation of fluid and, hence, swelling.

After the cycle, you need to perform the PCT: it is prescribed 20 mg of Tamoxifen for reception within 2-4 weeks. In the last week the dose is gradually reduced to a complete abolition. Thus it is necessary to control blood pressure, and if it is necessary to lower the dose.

Methandrostenolone Reviews

This drug is often taken if you want to increase muscle mass. Discussions abound Methandrostenolone found on various discussion forums, where members share their drawings and describe in detail the results achieved. Some users have reported that they succeeded, although had to make great efforts.

Unfortunately, you can also find reviews of Methandrostenolone from people who are not only able to increase their muscles, but also gained significant irregularities in health.

Thus experts strongly recommend to perform similar experiments only under the supervision of a specialist, which is designed for each individual a certain scheme. As a rule, independent cycles end with serious complications.

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