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Human Growth Hormone for Sale (15)

Around the end of the 80s in the world of professional bodybuilding, came a new drug - Human Growth Hormone. Since then, there have been significant changes in the muscle mass of the athletes. It's no secret that in today's competitive bodybuilding at a high level can not be done without drugs of steroidal origin. But it is a slightly different story with growth hormone. It can afford not all, because it is very expensive. If there would be enough money or would cost a little less, most bodybuilders would prefer only GH, considering also the fact that it is legal. Although the International Olympic Committee banned the use of this drug by athletes, its relevance has not diminished in any way. Initially, like most drugs, Human Growth Hormone was used exclusively for medical purposes, but quickly it began to use growth hormone in sports, not only in bodybuilding. So, what is this a Human Growth Hormone? It is a peptide hormone of the anterior pituitary, which is used by athletes to increase muscle mass, giving the body a relief.

Human Growth Hormone Effects

  • Stimulation of muscle growth;
  • Suppression catabolism;
  • Lowering the percentage of body fat;
  • Acceleration of total recovery and healing;
  • Rejuvenation;
  • Stimulation of the regrowth of internal organs that have atrophied with age;
  • Strengthening bones and stimulate their growth in young athletes;
  • Improved immune defense;
  • Increased blood glucose levels.

Human Growth Hormone Use In Bodybuilding

Despite the fact that in 1989 the human growth hormone was banned by the Olympic Committee, today it is used very often. Growth hormone is mainly applied in bodybuilding, along with other anabolic steroids to build muscle and reduce body fat percentage. Also, the Human Growth Hormone is used for reducing the frequency of injuries, because it has the ability to strengthen bone and connective tissue. In other sports, the growth hormone is almost not used, as its reception is not appropriate. Despite the fact that growth hormone increases muscle mass, on the power performance its effects are not displayed. Studies have also revealed that taking Human Growth Hormone does not lead to an increase in other sports performance - endurance or performance, so it makes sense to take growth hormone only in bodybuilding. HGH is used in bodybuilding in order to increase the bump. Human Growth Hormone has obvious advantages - high efficiency, small chance of side effects, no effect on sexual function, does not require post-cycle therapy. After four weeks of receiving the growth hormone the total mass of an athlete increases slightly (2-4 kg), and in some cases can and does decrease due to the large loss of fat mass. The main drawback of somatropin - a very high cost of the drug and the high risk of buying a fake.

Why HGH Is So Expensive

Everything is very simple. The high demand for this drug. It is used almost everywhere. It is injected even by the stars of show business, so that they look younger and more beautiful, injected by elderly for rejuvenation, as with age, the secretion of this hormone decreases, it is used by athletes, especially common in bodybuilding. In general, this drug is in great demand. But there is another reason - its production process is very complicated. "If Human Growth Hormone is so expensive, why I won't just buy a normal cycle of steroids?" - You ask. And I'll tell you. If GR is not doing its "job" as it should be, and its job is fantastic, it would not have been bought and not used in such a large numbers.
  1. GH increases the number of muscle cells. Due to this effect on the cycle of GH is not "out" at the end, unlike a cycle of steroids.
  2. That is practically impossible at physical training, perhaps with Human Growth Hormone, namely a decrease in percent body fat and increase in muscle mass. It should be noted that growth hormone is not recommended to athletes who need maximum developed of the following qualities: endurance and performance, as studies have shown that it reduces the fatigue threshold.
  3. Human Growth Hormone in bodybuilding does not cause such side effects as the cycle of steroids. Also, the GH cycle does not require PCT (Post-Cycle therapy). Moreover, GH can help you get rid of the "ills" caused by some injuries, because it is able to regenerate bone and connective tissue.

Natural Growth Hormone Secretion

As we already have said, the secretion of growth hormone in the human body decreases with age. Minimum GH in older people, maximum standard level - as a child. During the day the release of growth hormone occurs periodically, there are several levels of GH peaks every 3-5 hours. Typically, the biggest growth hormone secretion occurs at night, when we sleep, about an hour after falling asleep. Is it possible to increase the secretion of growth hormone? Yes, you can. Here are a few pharmacological and natural ways.
  1. A large amount of protein in the diet, especially the amino acid arginine;
  2. Good sleep;
  3. Heavy training in the hall;
  4. CJC-1295 peptides, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, GRF (1-29) and other like that;
  5. Admission of glutamine before bed.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

When taking Human Growth Hormone side effects are rare, but in excess of the recommended dosage and duration of the cycle is too large, you may encounter the following problems:
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Hyperglycemia;
  • Hypertrophy of the heart and other organs;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Inhibition of thyroid function.
All side effects disappear with a decrease in dose or withdrawal of receiving Human Growth Hormone.

Most Popular Human Growth Hormone Brands

The main Somatotropin producer is China. Drugs from China are medium quality and at lowest prices. If you want to save your money, it is most advantageous to order Human Growth Hormone from China. Today, the most popular drugs of growth hormone are:
  • Ansomone for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone.
  • Unit: 10 IU /3.33mg/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) CO.,LTD.
ansomone for sale
  • Kalpatropin for Sale

  • Substance: Human Growth Hormone.
  • Unit: 20 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.
kalpatropin for sale
genotropin 16 iu for sale
genotropin 36 iu for sale
  • Humatrope 36 IU for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rDNA Origin).
  • Unit: 36 IU (12 mg) pen injection device.
  • Manufacturer: Lilly.
humatrope 36 iu for sale
  • Norditropin for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin 6.7 mg.
  • Unit: 10 mg/1,5 ml pen injection device.
  • Manufacturer: SimpleXx.
norditropin for sale
  • HGH GenShi for Sale

  • Substance: Human Growth Hormone.
  • Unit: 10 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Gen-Shi Laboratories.
HGH GenShi for sale
HGH Fragment 176-191 for sale
  • Jintropin 10 IU for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rDNA Origin) for injection. Recombinant Human Growth Hormone.
  • Unit: 10 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: GenSci.
jintropin 10 iu for sale
  • Humantropin for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone. 191 Amino Acid Sequence. Powder for injection solution.
  • Unit: 10 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: British Dragon.
humantropin for sale
  • Hygetropin for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone. Somatropin (rDNA Origin) for injection.
  • Unit: 10 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Hygene.
hygetropin for sale
  • Omnitrope for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rDNA Origin) for injection. Growth Hormone for subcutaneous injection.
  • Unit: 10 mg/1.5 ml (approx. 30 IU).
  • Manufacturer: Sandoz.
omnitrope for sale
  • Gen-Tropin AQX for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rDNA). Solution for subcutaneous injection use.
  • Unit: 10 mg/3 ml: 30 IU.
  • Manufacturer: Bio-Gen Pharma.
gen-tropin aqx for sale
  • Glotropin for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for injection.
  • Unit: 8 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Global Anabolic.
glotropin for sale
  • Hypertropin for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone. Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection.
  • Unit: 12 IU/4 MG.
  • Manufacturer: NeoGenica BioScience.
hypertropin for sale
  • Kigtropin for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for injection. 191 amino acid.
  • Unit: 10 IU (3.7 mg)/Vial.
  • Manufacturer: SJPBTLC.
kigtropin for sale
  • Nutropin for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection.
  • Unit: 10 mg/vial.
  • Manufacturer: Genentech.
nutropin for sale
  • Riptropin for Sale

  • Substance: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone. Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection.
  • Unit: 10 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Riptropin.
riptropin for sale
  • SciTropin A for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rbe).
  • Unit: Injection Cartridge 10 mg/1.5 mL or 6.67 mg/mL.
  • Manufacturer: SciGen Pharmaceuticals.
scitropin a for sale
  • Biotropin for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection.
  • Unit: 3 mg (approximately 10 IU).
  • Manufacturer: LifeTech Labs.
biotropin for sale
  • Taitropin for Sale

  • Substance: Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection.
  • Unit: 10 IU/VIAL.
  • Manufacturer: Taylor.
taitropin for sale

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