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Melanotan 2 – peptide created in US laboratory to fight skin cancer. Melanotan 2 is a synthetic analogue of the melanocortin (substance secreted in the body for regulating the synthesis of melanin, in addition, determines the level of the skin tanning). Also affects the skin’s ability to tan, has a pronounced aphrodisiac properties that have repeatedly been proven in studies.

At the initial development of the drug to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays by means of enhanced production of melanin pigment it was discovered instability of melanocortin molecules. Further material was improved, after a lot of experiments, the peptide form [Nle4, D-Phe7]-α-MSH was found, which proved to be 100 times more powerful than natural melanocortin. In the future, it was patented as a peptide Melanotan 2.

Following the development in 1996, the first studies in humans have been conducted. Melanotan 2 was introduced in young men by 5 injections under the skin. The used doses were small. The results of this study showed the effect of the drug on the body in the form of improving the quality of tanning, the skin is better to sunbathe and became more dark. Another study was conducted a couple of years to establish the effect of the peptide Melanotan 2 in patients with erectile dysfunction.

Melanotan dosage was 0.025 mg per kg body weight. The study found that use of the drug eliminates erectile dysfunction, even if its causes mental health. In the future, several experiments have confirmed the effect of the drug on improving the quality of erections and increased libido.

Melanotan 2 Effects

Examining the peptide Melanotan 2, these positive effects have been identified:

  • Improving the quality of tanning.
  • Increased libido and erection strengthening.
  • Accelerate and improve fat burning.
  • Decreased appetite.

The use of Melanotan 2 for Tanning

To achieve a good tanning quality with Melanotan 2, the standard dose is 500-1000 mcg. Usual the drug is injected subcutaneously with a syringe for injection of insulin. Cycle duration is 15-20 days, at the time of application is recommended to visit the beach or the solarium, but that does not mean you have to spend in the sun all day, it will be enough the usual length of stay in the sun.

The result of the use of Melanotan 2 as a tanning is fully evident within 7-21 days after the start of the cycle. As a result occurs improving of libido much faster, have been reports of spontaneous erections after 2 hours after injection.

Melanotan 2 Cycle

For people with white skin optimal dosage is 100-200 mg for 8-10 days. It is possible to prick Melanotan 2 every day, with a break of 1-2 days. In order to avoid the effect of the appearance of freckles caused by the large number of Melanotan, do not exceed the indicated dosage and be in the sun or in a tanning bed as much as you are usually. Excessive sunbathing is not necessary for a long time, it can neither strengthen nor accelerate the effects of Melanotan 2, but you can easily get sunburn and freckles. Also do not forget that the skin needs to be timely moisturized with special creams.

Melanotan 2 Side Effects

  • Nausea.
  • Yawn.
  • Spontaneous erections.
  • The feverish state.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • The appearance of age spots.
  • Perhaps the damage to the immune and cardiovascular systems, but it has not been proved.
  • With a strong overdose is marked pain in the body, increasing the pressure, the destruction of muscle fibers, and kidney damage. However, such side effects of Melanotan 2 were observed at 60-fold excess of dosage.

Melanotan 2 Reviews

On forums Melanotan 2 reviews are positive, confirming the claimed effects. The appearance of sunburn, even without sun exposure, and if a person tans, it becomes very dark tan. Although Melanotan 2 does not protect the skin from burns, but users have reported a rapid recovery after the burn, and strong darkening of the skin in the affected location.

Negative reviews about Melanotan 2 almost never occur, this indicates a small probability of acquiring a fake. Among the negative phenomena focuses on the appearance of moles, freckles, and in some cases, age spots.

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