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Dinitrophenol - chemical fat burner. DNP by moving protons across the mitochondrial membrane breaks the process of oxidative phosphorylation, whereby there is an active waste of energy, but without the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate molecules. Dinitrophenol for weight loss has been used for almost a hundred years, but was officially deprived of medical drug status in 1938 due to the high toxicity and a variety of side effects.

DNP Types

Dinitrophenol in the medical field has two possible forms. The first is a light white powder. The substance is a pure formulation without the impurities and has a sharp characteristic odor. This form of DNP is forbidden to free circulation, and only available to specialized laboratories for carrying out various kinds of research or production of pharmaceuticals.

In the second case the substance is a crystalline form being a pure potassium salt Dinitrophenol. Yellow color material closer to the acidic smell no action is about twice less than the powder form. It appears on the market as a fertilizer for plants.

Dinitrophenol Effects

Molecules of DNP, while in the human body, are causing a shortage of oxygen in the cell, increasing heat production, thus acting as a proton ionophore. The organism is under stress, it begins to give energy to heat replenishing spent due to the action of a substance that causes the active oxidation of fat and then their decomposition to produce the necessary energy.

Studies conducted by manufacturers have shown that the effectiveness of the drug is 30 percent for an increase in metabolic rate, even when using small doses.

Dinitrophenol Dosages for Weight Loss

For a stable effect and efficiency should be calculated in relation to DNP dosage of 3-5 mg per 1 kg of body weight. This fat burner is taken once a day, because of its long-acting, intake should be preferably in the first half of the day, but at least 4-5 hours before your workout.

Lethal dose is considered to be a ten-fold excess of the permissible concentration of its substance in the human body. DNP necessarily need to be combined with high-energy expensive training that would lead to more meaningful results.

Dinitrophenol Side Effects

Dinitrophenol, for all its effectiveness has a number of serious side effects on the human body, which are:

  • problems of various kinds with the skin, including dermatitis, edema, rash;
  • disorder of the digestive system;
  • hyperthermia, or death;
  • polyneuritis;
  • cataracts and other.

Dinitrophenol Reviews

Due to the high toxicity of the drug, DNP market is constantly shrinking, freeing up room for new food additives, with a lower coefficient of side effects. Reviews of Dinitrophenol agree on a common opinion about its actual effectiveness, regardless of geography athletes.

In the US media, dedicated to bodybuilding, has repeatedly appeared information about the deaths caused by overdose of Dinitrophenol, which largely makes beginners reaction of rejection from the use of this drug. In Europe, Russia and CIS countries such information is rare, affecting more moderate and positive feedback about the DNP, which continues to enjoy a certain popularity among novice bodybuilders.

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