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Tren-A for Sale

Tren-A (Trenbolone Acetate) by Gen-Shi Laboratories
genshi trenbolone acetate


Tren-A – anabolic and androgenic steroid on the basis of the “fast” trenbolone ether – acetate from the company Gen-Shi Labs. The drug has a short period of life. High anabolic activity – 500% of testosterone, is due to the androgen receptor affinity and high capacity for binding. Tren-A does not cause aromatization: athletes do not interfere with the accumulation of fluid and gynecomastia. However, the expression level of suppression of endogenous testosterone overdose can lead to side effects such as a sluggish erection, decreased sexual desire and even testicular atrophy. Detection time of steroid at doping-control – up to 5 months.

genshi trenbolone acetate

Tren-A Effects

  • Increase in performance.
  • Increase in muscle mass. During the solo cycle of medication an can gain up to 10 kg.
  • Stimulation of IGF (insulin-like growth factor).
  • Reduction of body fat.
  • Stimulation of growth hormone.
  • Increased sexual desire with possible hormonal “holes” after the course.
  • Anti-catabolic effect (reduction of cortisol levels).

Tren-A Dosage / Cycle / Stack

Tren-A cycle is not recommended for novice athletes. The steroid is very powerful and in proportion to the increase in the dosage increases the risk of side effects. For acetate, the recommended dosage is 50 milligrams, injections are carried out every day (if you have little experience of AAS – you can do injections every other day). It is best to start a cycle with the minimum of the hormone, with a gradual increase to the optimum level. After 2-3 days at the end of the reception of trenbolone acetate, PCT begins. To use Tamoxifen is not recommended as it only enhances progestin reaction. Restoring testosterone boosters is made. As to how to take Tren-A in combination with other AAS, for gaining weight – the combination is no particular need. For “drying” we recommend to buy Winstrol and buy Anavar.

Tren-A Reviews

Many athletes complain about the high cost of the steroid. This is understandable, because in contrast to the “long” form of acetate which is administered every day, and the flow rate of the active substance is great. As for side effects, reviews about Tren-A from Gen-Shi Laboratories show significant inhibition of secretion of testosterone by the body. At high doses it is necessarily to add cabergoline and gonadotropins.

Reviews of Tren-A talk about terms, the growth of and indicators on the cycle. For a synergistic effect, professionals recommend including in the cycle Nandrolone and Testosterone Esters. But this combination is dangerous to health and requires constant monitoring.

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