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Anapolon for Sale

Anapolon (Oxymetholone) by Balkan Pharmaceuticals


Anapolon – one of the most potent synthetic steroids, designed for today. Oxymetholone initially it was discovered in 1960 and used exclusively for medical purposes. Drug treated for anemia and osteoporosis, stimulates muscle growth in weak patients. The popularity of the drug dropped in medicine since other means have been devised to treat diseases. But for sport, Anapolon actively is used to the present day.

The steroid has a high anabolic index. Anapolon anabolic activity is 320% of testosterone, androgen – only 45%. Although the drug is not characteristic of conversion into estrogen, it has an estrogenic effect. You may buy Anapolon as it is the most powerful steroid from those taken orally (but that makes it toxic to the liver).

Anapolon Effects

  • Increase in rates.
  • Anapolon for muscle growth. To increase muscle, Anapolon is considered the most effective steroid. In just one cycle of solo medication can rise up to 12-15 kg of muscle. And although the rollback phenomenon “will remove the” one-third of dialed muscle mass, still remains a very serious body figure.
  • Eliminating joint pain, improve joint mobility. Oxymetholone stimulates the body to the development of the synovial fluid and water retention in the body.
  • Decrease SHBG. When combined Anapolon with other anabolic steroids, their effect is greatly enhanced.

Oxymetholone substance is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone. Oxymetholone activate androgen receptors, because of which has a slight estrogenic activity. Also Anapolon has progestin characteristic activity.

Anapolon Dosage / Cycle / Stack

The Anapolon cycle is recommended to adult men who want to gain quickly. The duration of intake should not exceed 6 weeks (and if you are a beginner – 4 weeks). The cycle longer than 6 weeks is not considered appropriate, since the most pronounced effect is achieved during the first 20 days. From chronic administration suffers liver. The maximum daily dose of Anapolon by Balkan Pharma should be no more than 100 milligrams. A further increase has no effect on the growth of results. For amateur athletes is enough 50 milligrams of the drug daily. During steroid cycle it is not necessary to build a “slide” – consistently take the same dosage from the first to the last day of cycle.

It is important to not only know how to take Anapolon 50mg, but also how to conduct proper PCT at the end of cycle. Within three to four weeks to recover body’s own secretion of testosterone – boosters can be taken or other means of stimulating the production of testosterone (such as Tribulus). To achieve maximum effect, in Anapolon cycles you may include sports nutrition on mass set. Also have a proper diet. In addition to solo receiving the drug you can combine it with Boldenone, Trenbolone, Testosterones and Primobolan. It is not necessary to combine it with other 17-alpha-alkylated steroids, because in this case the liver experiences a double load.

Anapolon Side Effects

Side effects from Anapolon by Balkan Pharmaceuticals happen very often, but only if it is exceed the dosage specified in the instructions. The main negative impact of Anapolon is on the liver. Perhaps high blood pressure, gynecomastia, a significant accumulation of fluid in the body. For some athletes this steroid can cause an upset stomach, appetite loss and nausea.

Anapolon Reviews

Despite the fact that the drug is considered relatively toxic to the liver, Anapolon reviews expose this opinion. The toxic influence of too exaggerated and athletes who follow a strict diet, fluid intake and sleep – rarely are feeling pain in the right upper quadrant.

Anapolon reviews from some indicate that they may take this in small dosages and shortened cycles. When cycle is properly structured, virilization is avoided.

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