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NPP 150 for Sale

NPP 150 (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) by Dragon Pharma


NPP 150 (injectable steroid by Dragon Pharma) – androgenic-anabolic steroid on the basis of the nandrolone ester, anabolic activity is significantly higher than androgen. The history of this drug is very long, it is only to say that it is one of the very first in the world of AAS, was actively used by Soviet athletes. Nandrolone has a number of distinctive features of testosterone. Although steroids are synthetic analogs of testosterone, drugs from the class of progestins (nandrolone, trenbolone, boldenone) are quite different in the body by the action of it.

When you receive a progestin it is necessary to strictly control the level of prolactin and progesterone in the blood, elevated levels of these hormones can provide you with complete or partial loss of libido and erection for a period as long as these hormones will knock out of the normal range. If you want to avoid this, then as already mentioned, during the NPP 150 cycle it is necessary to monitor the level of prolactin, progesterone, and of course, estradiol, and in the event of side effects to take immediate action (by receiving cabergoline, aromatase inhibitors).

NPP 150 Effects

  • Increased performance (clearly marked).
  • Acceleration of growth of muscle mass.
  • Strengthening the joints and ligaments due to accumulation of fluid in the body.
  • Improved bone strength.
  • Increased libido (assuming normal prolactin and progesterone).

NPP 150 Dosage / Cycle / Stack

NPP 150 cycle must be accompanied by testosterone reception! Failure to do so can lead to a pronounced side effects, primarily related to the loss of sexual function. Testosterone dosage should not exceed a dosage of NPP 150, ideally, 2 times. That is, taking 200 mg of NPP 150 a week, the optimal solution will be parallel reaching 400 mg of testosterone per week. In general, you should never exceed the dose of NPP 150 in the range of 500-600 mg/week. However, the role is played by the individual tolerance of the drug, the body’s response to it.

NPP 150 should be taken as follows: the injection is done every 3-4 days, because the half-life of the drug is 3-4 days. Acceptance must be accompanied by the control of prolactin levels, and if it exceeds the boundaries of acceptable values, you should immediately turn right in the cycle cabergoline, from the famous bromocriptine you should abandon it, do not skimp on your health.

NPP 150 Reviews

NPP 150 reviews report that this is a very powerful drug, and it can really help a lot in increasing and strength. However, Nandrolone – the most dangerous in terms of side effects of drugs. However, if you monitor the condition of hormones during the cycle, this can be avoided. The role is also played by the individual response to the drug.

Negative reviews about NPP 150 arise, as a rule, when the use of this drug is incorrect (large dosage, lack of testosterone in a cycle (testosterone and not methandrostenolone or other drugs), increased levels of prolactin).

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