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Testosterona E for Sale

Testosterona E (Test Enanthate) by Balkan Pharmaceuticals


Testosterone enanthate – one of the male sex esters of testosterone, the main feature of which is a long half-life (about 7 days). This means that a single injection of the drug will provide the high testosterone at a week. Also thanks to this property, there is no need to commit to frequent injections, such as in the case of testosterone propionate, which is necessary to make injections every day or every other day. Enanthate, unlike propionate, also provides a much more even pattern of the hormone in the blood, which is also important. Eventually, Testosterona E significantly costs less based on the amount of active ingredient. In general, the effects of the application are identical to the effects of any other testosterone ester.

Testosterona E Effects

  • Accelerated growth of and strength, acceleration of the general recovery of the body between the loads, increase vitality.
  • Increased libido (sex drive).
  • Formation of male secondary sex characteristics: facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, and so on.
  • Accelerate utilization of by diet deficient in calories.
  • Positive effect on the joints and ligaments health (due to fluid retention).
  • Flavoring.

Testosterona E Dosage / Cycle / Stack

Building a Testosterona E cycle, it is necessary to take into account some features of the ester. Due to the long half-life of the drug, it is fully involved in the work only in the second week, the last injection is recommended to perform 7-10 days prior to the cycle. Thus, the rate of Testosterone enanthate from Balkan Pharma should last at least 8 weeks.

Testosterona E should be at a dosage of 250-500 mg/week if you are a beginner. For more advanced athletes can be a dose of 500-1000 mg/week. The cycle of the drug should be given much attention to the level of estradiol hormone in the blood, regularly tracking it by blood test. In case of exceeding the concentration you should immediately start taking an aromatase inhibitor (Anastrozole for Sale), so you can avoid potential side effects (high blood pressure, headaches, fluid retention), as well as more quickly recover after the cycle.

Testosterona E Reviews

Athletes leave mostly positive feedback about the testosterone enanthate from Balkan Pharma. This is explained by the fact that this drug is most perceived by masculine body, causing minimum side effects.

When used reasonable dose of the drug, the control level of estradiol on the cycle, as well as during competently PCT with antiestrogens, you will get the maximum benefit with almost no damage. This once again show reviews of Testosterona E by athletes, complying with all the recommendations.

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