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Bodybuilding June 1, 2016


Because steroids are illegal in the United States, people in the bodybuilding world are always looking for ways to get similar results without the legalities involved. That is how the popularity of prohormones was born. They are considered dietary supplements. After they started gaining popularity, however, the purchase of prohormones has become illegal in the United States as well.

These hormones, particularly testosterone, then participate in protein synthesis in the body, which helps grow muscles and other tissues. Additionally, when prohormones convert to testosterone they also help promote male characteristics and increases in strength. Prohormones don’t generally give as drastic results as people who use steroids normally see.

The biggest question people have when they are debating between steroids and prohormones is whether or not prohormones are as effective as steroids. This is a difficult question to answer because manufacturers of both steroids and prohormones have low recommended dosages (often enough for medical treatments) and people who use them for performance enhancement often use much higher dosages. The low doses recommended by the manufacturers often don’t have many performance enhancing benefits so neither one looks good for this purpose at these levels. Researchers cannot ethically give people these higher doses to study them so the solid research to back up claims that they both are successful are difficult to come by.

Additionally, there are some safety concerns with prohormones as there are with steroids. Since prohormones convert to testosterone in the body they can cause similar side effects including acne, balding and gynecomastia.

There are many different types of prohormones available. Here are a few of them:

ErgoPharm 1AD is known to be very successful at building muscle mass. MHP T-Bomb is useful for making large muscle and strength gains. Nutrex 1-TU is unique because it surpasses the digestive system so that it doesn’t carry the possibility of liver damage like other steroids and porhormones do.

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