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Training the Glutes for Balanced Development

Bodybuilding November 27, 2015

training glutes

The gluteus maximus is a badly misunderstood creature. Most women go out of their way to avoid doing anything to work their butt to prevent it growing and most men ignore it because they tend to get caught up up in admiring the mirror muscles and anything beyond biceps and pectorals gets little consideration. This […]

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Strengthen Those Core Muscles

Bodybuilding November 25, 2015

core muscles

They are at the gym three or four times a week working out on the leg machines, doing countless repetitions of arm exercises and hours of cardio. They are the runners, swimmers and multi-sport athletes working on conditioning for their specific events. They all share one thing in common. They do not spend nearly enough […]

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Romanian Deadlift Variants for Hamstring Flexibility and Strength

Bodybuilding November 20, 2015

romanian deadlift

According to weightlifting lore, the Romanian deadlift was named when American powerlifters spotted Nicu Vlad, a champion Romanian weightlifter, performing the exercise prior to winning an Olympic medal. The movement deals primarily with hip extension, and is one of the best known and most effective exercises for the hamstrings and glutes, increasing strength and flexibility. […]

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Work Out without Weights Using Dynamic Self-Resistance

Bodybuilding November 18, 2015

dynamic self resistance

Dynamic self-resistance exercises may sound familiar if names like Charles Atlas and Earle Liederman ring a bell. In these exercises, the individual can use as much tension as they want, increasing tension over time to provide a consistent and challenging workout. One muscle group provides resistance for another muscle group. Maximum intensity is reached when […]

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The Difference Between Fast And Slow Twitch Muscle Fibres

Bodybuilding November 16, 2015

muscle fibres types

When performing a strength training routine there are some things you should know about the different muscle fibre types. Since each muscle fibre type has various properties it is important to understand which ones you are using when you train. This allows you to make the most out of your workouts. Muscle Fibre Type 1 […]

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The Correct Strength Training Methods

Bodybuilding November 11, 2015

strenght training methods

If you are looking to build muscle then one of the most important things you are going to have to do with your workout routine is provide an overloading stimulus. The reason why an overloading stimulus is so important for building muscle tissue is because in order for your muscles to get stronger, they have […]

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10 Press Up Progressions

Bodybuilding November 6, 2015

press up progressions

A press up to the Brits or a push up across the pond, is a common strength training exercise that dates back to the earliest forms of physical conditioning, embraced by the military throughout the 20th century and today a common sight in any gym around the world. Each of the press ups discussed in […]

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10 Press Up Variations

Bodybuilding November 4, 2015

press up

These press up variations are designed to increase the level of difficulty of the exercise as well as allow the individual to incorporate more specific press up exercises into their routines. If you are reasonably new to personal fitness or wish to study a more general and basic press up technique read 10 Press Up […]

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Building a Big Bench Press

Bodybuilding November 2, 2015

bench press

The bench press is possibly the most popular exercise in gyms everywhere. Monday, otherwise known as national chest and biceps day for many, almost always starts with the bench press. Asking what somebody can bench is the most common question in strength training. While there are certainly better exercises than the bench, it is good […]

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Correcting Common Misconceptions About Female Strength Training

Bodybuilding October 28, 2015

female strength training

Strength training has terrific benefits for females. It has been repeatedly shown to help alleviate symptoms of depression and PMS, improve the immune system, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and provide a huge boost in confidence as strength, balance, and muscle tone improve. It is also extremely helpful in building bone density, and may […]

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Choosing the Right Rowing Exercise Equipment

Bodybuilding October 26, 2015

rowing exercise equipment

If a person is looking for something that provides both a strength and a cardiovascular workout, consider purchasing a rowing machine. A rowing machine simulates the actions of rowing a boat which is a great muscle building workout that gives one a thorough cardiovascular workout as well. A rowing machine makes a great addition to […]

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German Volume Training: The Best Workout for Building Muscle

Bodybuilding October 21, 2015

german volume training

What is the best way to build muscle? Countless people ask this question after disappointing results. The true answer is that most routines will yield the desired result given enough sheer intensity of training. However, amongst experienced gym-going circles, one regimen stands above all others. The program in question was developed in Germany during the […]

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Increasing Your Bench Press

Bodybuilding October 15, 2015

bench press

To some weight lifters, the bench press is a staple in their workout routines. This exercise is where the mark is set to determine just how strong you are and have become since you’ve started training. However, we may find ourselves hitting a plateau and no longer having continuous gains. To increase your bench press […]

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Pilates For Men

Bodybuilding October 8, 2015

pilates for men

How Men can Benefit from Pilates Pilates has so many benefits, especially for men, but one of the biggest myths is that it’s an exercise “only for women” or it’s too easy. Ironically, Pilates was developed by a man for men. Joseph H. Pilates was very sick as a child; he devoted the rest of […]

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Anabolic Steroid Abuse and Risks

Bodybuilding April 20, 2015

steroids for bodybuilding

Sports have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. And it never made much difference whether I was playing club or intramurals or just messing around with friends. Playing was all that really mattered. And while winning was generally preferable to losing, the true satisfaction came from simply being in […]

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Steroids Safe in Medicine but Dangerous in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding November 15, 2014

Mesomorphosis published an interesting article about a World Health Organization study made in china – 1000 men were injected a monthly dose of 500 mg testosterone undecanoate for thirty (30!) months and it proved to be a “safe, effective, reversible and reliable contraception in a high proportion of [participants]” Interestingly enough, most official organizations will […]

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The Guide About The Use Of Anabolic Steroids

Bodybuilding October 20, 2014

There are tenets that have been developed by those who are experienced in the use of steroids either on a personal level or from a medical experience point of view. For you who is contemplating whether to take the step to steroid use or not it will serve you a lot of good if you […]

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