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Choosing the Right Rowing Exercise Equipment

Bodybuilding October 26, 2015

rowing exercise equipment

If a person is looking for something that provides both a strength and a cardiovascular workout, consider purchasing a rowing machine. A rowing machine simulates the actions of rowing a boat which is a great workout that gives one a thorough cardiovascular workout as well. A rowing machine makes a great addition to a person’s training.

Using a rowing machine one can get all the benefits of a real rowing experience right in his own home. In a real rowing experience, the water provides the resistance as one pushes the oar forward and pull it back.

Types of

A rowing machine simulates the resistance of the water in one of four ways: Piston resistance, Magnetic resistance, Air resistance and Water resistance.

There are many different designs on the market. Simple, low-tech rowing machines are basically a pull-handle and a seat that moves backwards and forwards along a track. It is important to inspect the base of these models as they may require a pad to keep them from damaging wood floors or carpeting. More complex units feature displays that will monitor your heart rate, and calories burned, have adjustable resistance settings and even an attached fan to keep you cool.

Important Things to Look Before Buying a Rowing Machine

Before one begins any program, it is important to consult his/her doctor and make sure that he/she is healthy enough to begin the activity. A history of back, shoulder or arm injuries might make rowing difficult or aggravate the condition so ask your doctor. Take careful measurements to be certain that the individual has the space to accommodate the rowing machine.

Be aware of the manufacturer’s warranties and the return or refund policies of the online or retail location that sold you the rowing machine. Pay attention to the shipping costs of the machine if one decides to purchase his machine from an online vendor.

Rowing machines provide an excellent work out for both a person’s upper and lower body that will get him/her into shape. One’s legs and butt will greatly benefit from a rowing machine workout, and with regular use, one will also increase his overall level and maintain a healthier body weight. The rowing motion also makes the abdominal muscles contract so a person will see improvement and increased muscle in that area of his body as well.

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