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Is Steroid Sale Supervisor Legit Source?

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Stop Wasting Time in the Gym

Bodybuilding April 15, 2016

wasting time gym

For some, a gym is like a candy store, it’s full of lots of fun, interesting workout equipment that helps keep a workout from becoming boring. For others, however, a gym can be a deterrent to a good workout. It’s information overload. You don’t know where to start or how to proceed once you do […]

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Squatting Every Day and the John Broz Training Method

Bodybuilding April 9, 2016

john broz training method

Although there are hundreds of different training methods currently being used by athletes at all levels, they all have something in common. All take into account the possibility of overtraining. In Westside, exercises are frequently rotated. DC training involves periods of blasting followed by easier cruising in order to recover. Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 has a […]

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Strength Training Health Benefits

Bodybuilding April 6, 2016

strength training benefits

Increasingly, medical experts are recommending strength training to improve physical and mental health and help prevent a broad array of medical conditions. Strength training, which includes weight training and other weight-bearing exercises, involves working with resistance machines and free weights (such as barbells and dumbbells), as well as using the body’s own weight as in […]

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Structure of a Strength Workout

Bodybuilding April 2, 2016

strength workout

Selecting a workout format that corresponds with your goals is a key component of designing an effective exercise program. Someone whose aim is to put on mass is simply not going to lift weights identically to someone who wants to lose weight and tone up. The choices you make in the weight room, from the […]

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Weight Lifting Has A Sweet Upside

Bodybuilding March 31, 2016

woman strength training

Get a group of women – or men – together and talk about weight lifting. Someone is bound to blurt out: Weight lifting will make a woman big, bulky or musclebound. Weight lifting is dangerous for women, because they’re too weak to lift correctly. You’ll gain weight from lifting. What’s worse, is that women athletes […]

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The Eat Clean Diet Workout

Bodybuilding March 26, 2016

tosca reno

Building a dream body requires not only diet, but exercise. Her workout, aimed at women, focuses on toning and shaping muscles with weight training. The Eat-Clean Diet Workout is a step-by-step guide packed with full-color pictures, and includes a 30 minute DVD. The Eat Clean Philosophy According to Reno, no matter your age or fitness […]

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Weight Training for Women

Bodybuilding March 23, 2016

weight training women

There are so many myths floating around about the best way to lift weights, it’s no wonder women are confused. Lifting heavy will cause me to bulk up. I need to do tons of cardio to lose weight—then I’ll start lifting to tone up once I’ve hit my goal. Doing crunches will give me a […]

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Strength Training Safety is a Priority

Bodybuilding March 20, 2016

strength training safety

Johnson apparently was racking his last rep when the bar slipped form his right hand and fell onto his throat, crushing his neck and larynx, news reports said. He was taken to the hospital and operated on, and is expected to recover, but he’s unlikely to play again this year. “It hit him with a […]

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Strength Training for Kids

Bodybuilding March 16, 2016

strength training kids

Opponents said pre-pubescent children with flexible, growing bones shouldn’t strength train because of the risk of injury, both short- and long-term. Concerns included damaging soft tissue, like ligaments and tendons, stressing “green” bones and accidents due to lack of maturity. Times Have Changed But, as youth sports become both more structured and more competitive, parents […]

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Strength for Those That Never Weight Trained

Bodybuilding March 12, 2016

weight training beginners

Here’s what you need to know. In the beginning stages of learning a weight training routine, it’s necessary to take 3-4 weeks to learn proper technique while keeping the weights light. Think of this process as setting the stage for smart progressive strength gains, muscle tone, and muscle density. Skipping these two factors of proper […]

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How Lifting Weights Can Help You Lose Body Fat

Bodybuilding March 8, 2016

weight lifting lose body fat

With New Years now underway may people are hard at work trying to accomplish their goal of weight loss. Luckily, more individuals are also realizing that strength training can be one of the best methods for losing weight out there. Why is this so? Here are the top 5 reasons. It Increases Your Metabolic Rate […]

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Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Bodybuilding March 5, 2016

vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa “Flow” yoga is the act of connecting various yoga poses together to form a continuous stream of motion that stresses the link between postures and breathing (and therefore the body with the mind). Unlike some forms of yoga, Vinyasa leaves room for variety—how it is implemented depends on the style of the teacher. The […]

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Supersets Can Recharge Your Workout

Bodybuilding March 1, 2016

muscle supersets

Anyone who has worked out for any period of time, knows that soon or later, you are going to hit the dreaded plateau, that point where you can longer lift heavier weights no matter how much time has gone by. When that happens, it is time to recharge your workout by incorporating supersets. What are […]

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The Advantages of Cardio Training

Bodybuilding February 26, 2016

cardio training

There was a study conducted regarding the overall health of people in the United States, where Government basically took note of the chances of developing cardiac disease within different groups of the population. With the various types of technology available to research centers and governmental agencies, it is possible to predict the occurrence of a […]

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Exercises To Get A Sexy Back

Bodybuilding February 23, 2016

sexy back

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have needed the back muscles for bending, lifting and carrying objects. Whether a person is picking up a baby or a barbell, the back muscles are vital part of our existence. The back has to be strong – so why not make it look good in the process? Back […]

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Do Low-Weight, High-Rep Workouts Build Muscle?

Bodybuilding February 20, 2016

high-rep workouts

In the 1970s, health gyms, spas and clubs began to thrive. Personal Training became available to the general public. Who were the first Personal Trainers? Guys in gyms that other men wanted to look like. The male clients ended up doing the same bodybuilding workouts as their trainers, whether or not it was best for […]

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Weight Lifting Workout for Women Athletes

Bodybuilding February 16, 2016

weight training women

While this weight lifting program for women has been adapted slightly, it’s a tough workout that will require you to stay focused through your entire time in the gym. It’s not for the weak of heart or weak-willed. You can find those workouts on the magazine rack in your grocery store. Make sure you keep […]

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