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The Advantages of Cardio Training

Bodybuilding February 26, 2016

cardio training

There was a study conducted regarding the overall health of people in the United States, where Government basically took note of the chances of developing within different groups of the population.

With the various types of technology available to research centers and governmental agencies, it is possible to predict the occurrence of a particular disease within a population before the disease even strikes.

Among these discoveries were diseases that could specifically be cured by maintaining a regular cardio workout.

Cardio Help to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

High-risk factors for cardiac illnesses include: being a male, having an age of 35 or above, elevated blood pressure, a family history of cardiac disease, and having abnormal amounts of specific fats in the blood.

In addition to having repetitive episodes of anxiety attacks, simply being a panicky person all the time adds to the risks of contracting heart disease. Doing cardio intervals on a routine basis helps to effectively withstand anxiety and pressure. But the more anxiety a person has, the more the risk of developing heart disease he or she will have.

Cardio training also helps people who have smoking addictions. Smoking a pack or more of cigarettes a day can be extremely harmful to a person’s health, and cardio training helps to get rid of many of the symptoms associated with smoking.

The risk factors of heart disease can be separated into two main subcategories: controllable risk factors, and those that are beyond human control, such as heredity, age and gender. The “triple threat,” so-called by cardiologists, consists of cigarette smoking, abnormal amounts of cholesterol in the blood, and repetitive episodes of elevated blood pressure. Cardio interval training can target all of these risk factors and therefore lessen the potentiality of developing heart disease.

Studies Have Proved the Benefits of Cardio Training

Large-scale research and demographic studies have shown and adequately demonstrated the relationship between cardio and heart illnesses. One of these surveys involved more than 30,000 drivers and operators of transportation bus companies and compared them to the supervisors.

The drivers displayed a significantly higher rate of cardiovascular illness compared to the supervisors who routinely circled the buses on foot and walked up and down staircases.

It seems that doing simple activities such as walking on a routine basis can be very helpful, so it may be a good idea to adopt cardio workout training as part of a daily regimen.

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