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Is Steroid Sale Supervisor Legit Source?

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Why Building Lean Muscle is Better Than Cardio Alone

Bodybuilding February 13, 2016

building lean muscle

Strength Training tends to be overlooked by newcomers to the fitness world because it is thought that building muscle won’t take the weight off. That is a fallacy that leads its believers to poor health and a body that may become slimmer, but not shapely, healthy, and physically fit. Keep reading if you want to […]

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Does Long-Distance Running Eat Muscle?

Bodybuilding February 10, 2016

long-distance running

Many people have read in magazines that long-distance cardiovascular exercise will break down muscle. Personal trainers have said that the body will use the protein in muscle as an energy source during long-distance training. Are these statements the same? No. Are they scientifically accurate? Yes and No. During cardiovascular exercise, the body will use glucose […]

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Developing a Powerful Back

Bodybuilding February 7, 2016

powerful back

The back is a myriad of different muscles including the lattisimus dorsi, the rear deltoids and scapula, spinal erectors, trapezius, rhomboids, and a complex array of other muscles. The effectiveness of any exercise is consistency, intensity, duration, proper range of motion and most importantly your body type’s specific needs. Try these two low back spinal […]

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Consumer Reviews About the Best Running Shoes

Bodybuilding February 4, 2016

best running shoes

Reviews about the “Best” running shoes are posted on the Consumer Search (CS) “Running Shoes: Reviews” web page. The (author unknown) reviews, updated April 2015, provides reasons why each running shoe brand received a CS “Best” rating. Consumer Search claims to be the U.K. equivalent of Consumer Reports. The organization investigates a variety of popular […]

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Does Muscle Really Burn Fat?

Bodybuilding January 31, 2016

burn fat muscle

It wasn’t too long ago that exercise programs seemed to emphasize cardio workouts more than any other type of exercise. By doing aerobics several times a week, people were told, they could lose or maintain weight and remain healthy. Today, though, it seems that exercise programs have undergone a paradigm shift. The emphasis now seems […]

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Stability Ball Exercise Guide for Tight Abs and Core Strength

Bodybuilding January 28, 2016

fitness ball

Fitness balls or stability balls are a common fitness accessory found in virtually all gyms. They are also widely used in the home and have become a key component of many fitness workouts including circuit training and gentler Pilates and yoga classes. Available in three sizes, 55cm, 65cm and 75cm, they can be used for […]

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Get Strong Anterior Delts With These Exercises

Bodybuilding January 24, 2016

anterior delts

The anterior deltoid muscle is one in which you should focus on developing as it is responsible for a wide range of shoulder movements, including keeping the shoulder girdle strong to prevent shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence, especially among athletes so preventing this is going to be well worth your time and […]

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Benefits of Strength Training

Bodybuilding January 20, 2016

strength training benefits

With the multi-million dollar industry associated with weight loss, you’re sure to have heard about weight lifting and how it can help you lose weight. You may have heard a lot of hype about strength training and its many benefits, but you’re unsure of what those benefits are or how they’ll improve your quality of […]

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Feminine Muscles

Bodybuilding January 16, 2016

feminine muscles

Real women have curves, as the saying goes. Any men or women can conjure up a mental picture of the ideal female form. But it begs the question: how is the perfect female form attained? The common assumption is of course, genetics or through dieting and exercise. There are even those who believe perfection is […]

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Exercise Tips to Prevent Recurring Patellar Tendinitis

Bodybuilding January 13, 2016

patellar tendonitis

Anyone who has experienced knee pain knows that it can really put a dent in the progression of a regular exercise program, and if left unchecked, may result in more serious injury. One particular knee injury that seems to affect exercisers who do a lot of running or jumping is patellar tendinitis, which is characterized […]

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Build Core Muscles While Brushing Teeth

Bodybuilding January 10, 2016

core muscles

Finding the time to properly work out is not always possible, but there are some simple exercises that can be done while accomplishing the daily routine. These exercises can help to strengthen muscles on those days when a full workout has to be put on the back burner. Core Strength Building While Brushing Teeth Building […]

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Strength Training Exercises To Grow Arm Size

Bodybuilding January 6, 2016

conan the barbarian

When Conan the Barbarian was released in 1982, every man and boy wanted muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had thick legs, a flat stomach, a barrel chest and massive arms. The look of massive arms comes from large triceps. When the camera zoomed in on Arnold’s arms in the movie, his triceps had the coveted […]

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Build Muscles Fast

Bodybuilding January 2, 2016

build muscles fast

Building muscle is not an issue of just lifting weights. There is quite a bit of science behind putting together a good muscle regimen. Beyond the workout itself, you need to take into consideration your rest periods and even your nutrition. The following 5 tips will help get your workout on track and get you […]

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3 Common Myths in Women’s Fitness

Bodybuilding December 30, 2015

womens fitness

There are three prevailing fitness misconceptions that are often the roadblocks to women achieving their fitness goals. First is the belief that intense training of the muscles can bulk a woman up, making her look masculine. Secondly, is the belief that those flimsy “trim-and-tone” exercises and light cardio are enough to get one in good […]

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5×5 Training For Size and Strength

Bodybuilding December 11, 2015

5x5 training

5×5 training has been in around in various forms for the best part of a century. It allows for trainees to progress in both size and strength at the same time. It can also be adapted to cater for those of all levels of training experience from the weight-training novice all the way up to […]

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Mixed Method Training Workout

Bodybuilding December 6, 2015

mixed method training

As explained in the mixed method training article, it is possible to attack several goals at the same time and actually achieve better results. This prevents any particular area of health and fitness from being neglected and keeps training fresh and interesting. The following is a great session for an intermediate lifter who is looking […]

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The “Secret” to Six-Pack Abs

Bodybuilding December 3, 2015

six pack abs

The body is hardwired to find the easiest way to accomplish a physical task. People with no education in exercise techniques will immediately “cheat.” Elbows go out like wings from a bird during triceps exercises; butts go up to the ceiling when performing a push-up; and feet are anchored when doing a sit-up. Without understanding […]

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