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Mixed Method Training Workout

Bodybuilding December 6, 2015

mixed method training

As explained in the mixed method training article, it is possible to attack several goals at the same time and actually achieve better results. This prevents any particular area of health and fitness from being neglected and keeps training fresh and interesting. The following is a great session for an intermediate lifter who is looking to and leaner and should be completed in about an hour.

The Warm Up

This doesn’t need to be a marathon. A good warm up takes about 10-15 minutes and gets the body ready for the session to follow. It is important to remember than the warm up is always individual. Some trainers need more work on particular areas because of age or injury. Here are the three steps to an effective general warm up.

  1. Foam roll. This should be done regularly, not just on training days. total body foam rolling is a session on its own, so it is better to concentrate on the areas that will be worked that day and fit in a 10-15 minute session on off-days or at another time of day. If an area is particularly painful (as, for example, the IT band tends to be), it is worth spending a bit more time on it. A good basic rolling session will cover the IT band, piriformis and hamstrings in the lower body and the teres minor/infraspinatus/lat area as well as the thoracic spine in the upper body.
  2. Stretch. While static streching is not currently fashionable before training, this doesn’t mean that it is always a bad idea. Band pull-aparts and a pec stretch as well as a hip flexor stretch are necessary for many before working out. Added to this should be a range of mobility work and dynamic stretching.
  3. Start sweating. any sort of activity that gets the heart rate up and the body warm is fine. This also the mood for a hard session to come.

Maximum Strength and Work

The heavy work in this session is going to be the dumbbell clean and press. The aim here is to work up to a three repetition maximum with each arm. This should take anything from 5 to 10 sets. After getting to the maximum, it is time to start with the work. The following should provide a adequate stimulus for growth and leave a good pump which, while not essential, is certainly pleasant!

  • 5 of 10 lateral raises (60 seconds between sets)
  • 2 of maximum repetition dumbbell military presses. Start the first set immediately upon finishing the previous exercises. Use the same weight as for the lateral raises and once more rest only 60 seconds between sets.

While this seems like a small amount of work for strength and hypertrophy, it is enough to produce great results for anyone putting in the necessary effort.

The 100 rep burpee challenge. This is exactly what it says on the tin. Do 100 burpees as fast as possible. Each repetition should be done in good form, with a jump. After 2 or 3 minutes, perfect form becomes impossible due to fatigue, but it is important to keep the reps as good as possible.

100 burpees is a tough workout on its own. For those not used to doing burpees, it is better to aim for 25 burpees and add 5 every time this challenge is attempted until reaching 100 and then trying to reduce the time.

After allowing the pulse to get back to reasonable levels, it is worth taking 5-10 minutes to stretch. Emphasis here should be on the same areas as in the warm up, with a a particular effort on the shoulders after the and strength work.

This is a great example of mixed method training. It involves a full-body dynamic movement with heavy weight, work for the shoulders and a great element. As long as diet is in check, the results of this sort of workout can only be positive on all aspects of fitness.

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