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Build Core Muscles While Brushing Teeth

Bodybuilding January 10, 2016

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Finding the time to properly work out is not always possible, but there are some simple that can be done while accomplishing the daily routine. These exercises can help to strengthen muscles on those days when a full workout has to be put on the back burner.

Core Strength Building While Brushing Teeth

Building core strength is an essential component of overall health. The core, or mid section, of the body can be strengthened through the execution of balance exercises. These can easily be done while brushing teeth.

To perform this exercise, start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend both knees and lift the right leg so that it extends out to the right side of the body, about a foot off the ground. This should force the upper body to lean to the left. Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute. If done right, this should be felt along the right side of the abdominal muscles. Switch to the left leg once the right side is done.

Leg Lifts to Build Calf Muscles While Standing in Line

Strong calf muscles can help to improve a walking or running regime and can add a spring to the step on a daily basis. Ballerinas even focus on building calf muscles by performing an called a releve. Building strong calf muscles can be accomplished by performing this simple exercise.

To perform the calf-building exercise, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and toes facing forward. Slowly lift up the heels of the feet as high as they will go and then slowly lower them to the floor. Repeat this motion as long as you are waiting in line, or as long as it feels comfortable. This can also be done with the toes pointing out to the sides of the body.

Muscle Building Squats While Waiting for Water to Boil

Building strong thigh muscles can help boost endurance and power in most sports. Thigh muscles can be strengthened and shaped by performing a simple squat.

To perform a squat while waiting for water to boil, start with feet shoulder width apart. Make sure that the weight of the body stays in the heels of the feet. Bend the knees and lower the body as if sitting in a chair, making sure not to lean forward too far. After lowering down, slowly raise the body back to a standing position. Repeat these moves until the water starts to boil.

Isometric While Waiting at a Stop Light

Isometric are those that are done by repetitively tightening and relaxing specific muscles in the body. These exercises can be done almost anywhere. Try isometric exercises while sitting at a desk or in the car waiting at a stop light. Do not perform the exercises while driving though, because they could distract attention away from the road.

To perform an isometric for the gluteous maximus or rear end, start in a sitting position. Squeeze the gluteous muscles together for three seconds and then relax. Repeat this action until the light turns green.

Take Every Opportunity to Advance Fitness

Though a full program should be performed as often as possible, simple muscle-building can provide easy ways to advance fitness in limited time. By looking for creative ways to be more active in the day, overall fitness will be easier for everyone to achieve.

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