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Increasing Your Bench Press

Bodybuilding October 15, 2015

bench press

To some weight lifters, the bench press is a staple in their workout routines. This exercise is where the mark is set to determine just how strong you are and have become since you’ve started training. However, we may find ourselves hitting a plateau and no longer having continuous gains. To increase your load, add these training tips to your workout.

Increasing Your Grip for the

As you work out, it’s important to understand how your grip plays into your performance. When you squeeze the bar as hard as you can, more muscles are activated and assist with that exercise. The same is true with the , so one way to improve the amount you lift is to improve your grip strength. This can be done through a number of ways. For example, use the heavy farmer’s walk exercise with dumbbells or kettle bells to develop your hand strength. Hanging from a pull up bar until hands are too weak to continue is another way to build the strength in your hands. While you are sitting around the house, using a grip enhancer will also improve your bench press. Squeeze the handles together to build the strength in your hands. Over time, these exercises will help you hold the bar during the bench press.

Developing Your Triceps for the

Your triceps play an important role in how well you are able to push and control the weight during the bench press. Develop the strength in your triceps to improve the amount of weight you are able to lift. Triceps extensions are an example of one exercise that will help build the strength and control in your arms. Body weight exercises such as the dip are also very useful when you are trying to increase the amount of weight you can bench. To make these exercises even tougher, strap a weighted belt around your torso. It’s important that you have someone on hand to assist with spotting during these exercises as well.

Other Exercises

To help build your strength for the flat bench press, you must use other exercises that involve the same movements. Changing your grips on the bar or using variations of the bench will help build your strength. The decline and incline target specific portions of your chest, shoulders and arms while emphasizing on their development. Mixing these exercises into your will help impact your entire upper body. Also, change your grips while doing the flat bench for an additional challenge. Close grips will develop your triceps while isolating the muscles near the center of your chest. Use wider grips to target the outer portions of your chest while building your shoulders during the workout. As with the other exercises, have a spotter assist you when working with heavier weights to avoid any mistakes that can lead to injury.

Using these tips will help you build your chest strength. With this new power you will be able to more weight than you have in the past. To continue with the gains, alter your workout so your muscles do not become accustomed to the routine. Continue looking for new exercises to try and additional tips to build the intensity of your workouts.

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