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Consumer Reviews About the Best Running Shoes

Bodybuilding February 4, 2016

best running shoes

Reviews about the “Best” shoes are posted on the Consumer Search (CS) Shoes: Reviews” web page. The (author unknown) reviews, updated April 2015, provides reasons why each shoe brand received a CS “Best” rating.

Consumer Search claims to be the U.K. equivalent of Consumer Reports. The organization investigates a variety of popular products. The company provides on-line product ratings and reviews, such as the best mattresses, best white and red wine under $12, and best treadmills.

Best Rated Shoes for Aerobic Fitness

The Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS motion control running shoes (estimated price $145) are rated “Best” for runners whose feet tend “to roll inward” when running. The shoes have “rigid support” and good cushioning. Runner’s World magazine awards the shoes “a best [running shoe] update for 2009,” according to CS. The shoes are very flexible while providing excellent motion control for the runner.

Asics Running Shoes

Two Asics running shoes received a CS “Best” rating for runners with normal arches. The Asics Gel-Kayano 15 shoes are for runners whose feet tend to slightly roll inward. The shoes received awards from Runner’s World and ’s Adventure magazines. Users report that the shoes have great “fit and cushioning” and most like the “asymmetrical” lacing system. Women’s Adventure magazine states that the brand is highly recommended for women’s running shoes.

The Asics Gel-1140 (estimated price $90) is “Best” rated for its stability, extra cushioning, and arch support. The shoes were designed for those with a normal arch and normal running gait. The downside, according to CS, is that the shoes could wear faster than the more expensive brands.

New 1063 (estimated price $125) is “Best” rated for runners with high arches, and whose feet tend to roll outward while not absorbing “enough impact” when running. Reviews praise the shoes for “snug fit, roomy toebox, and heel cushioning.”

Saucony Grid Cohesion NX (estimated price $55) is for runners needing a neutral cushioning shoe at a low price. User rating for these shoes are “high” for comfort.

Brooks Trance 8 (estimated price $140) is an eco-friendly stability shoe, and CS states “[this brand] the latest trend in running shoes.” The shoes have a biodegradable midsole. Men’s Journal magazine states that these shoes are “its favorite shoes of the year,” according to CS. The shoes have more than adequate cushioning and stability.

Definition of Aerobics Includes Running & Jogging

Aerobics can be walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, or any other that improves “the body’s use of oxygen,” according to the Farlex Medical Dictionary on-line. Aerobic requires the lungs and heart to work harder, and demand more oxygen, which “raises heart and lung efficiency.”

Farlex advises that “…aerobic exercise, at least 20 minutes three times a week, is recommended for the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system.”

The Consumer Search running or jogging shoe reviews provide links to more information about each of their “Best” rated brands. The Farlex Medical Dictionary provides links to additional information about the definition and benefits of aerobic exercise.

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