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Post Super Bowl Fitness

Bodybuilding May 7, 2016

super bowl fitness

Aspiring athletes in any sport constantly strive to emulate the professional athletes they see on TV. From the newest training techniques and tools to video games, kids and amateurs alike train hard and expect professional skills to develop. Talk to many of these aspiring athletes and they will no doubt tell you of the frustrations they have encountered. Long hours training, muscle soreness, fatigue and even injury occur when an aspiring just goes out there and tries to replicate the movements and reactions of a professional. The first day you had your driver’s license no one expected you to drive like a NASCAR driver. Skill development takes time, hours of practice, mental fortitude and some plain old natural talent.

Sport Performance

Young s all seem to want nothing more than a big bench press and squat. After all, this is what the pros do, right? What many young athletes fail to see are the countless hours that any professional puts in conditioning both physically and mentally. Aerobic fitness is training meant to keep the heart rate up and for long durations, and anaerobic fitness, or sprint and interval training develops explosive power. and agility training, power lifting, functional fitness and conditioning are all components that any good will incorporate into their training regimen.

Strength, Power and Agility

Many of the fantastic athletic feats witnessed while watching the are the direct end result of this type of diverse training. Consider this: If an athlete focuses on nothing but bench press and dead lift exercises, which are common power lifting gym movements, that athlete will be strong. is a component of being a good athlete; however, strength without the ability to control it will not lend to good athletic ability. Speed, agility, strength and power all combine to create the amazing athletic feats witnessed on TV.

Sports Performance Camps and Training

Go online and search “sports performance” and there is no doubt that your search query will yield an amazing amount of programs, articles, tools and camps. Many of these programs have been designed by industry professionals with years of experience. Search further for specific programs that include functional movement and individual attention for each athlete. These are the hidden gems every aspiring athlete needs to seek out. Camps are great for learning gross motor or big movements, teamwork and competitiveness. Individual training will yield far greater results for the simple fact that no movement will go unnoticed, good or bad. To have a processional teach and correct an athlete’s movements as they occur will yield great results that will quickly help any athlete excel on the court or field. Some sites to reference are strengthcoach.com and -conditioning.net or reference the National and Conditioning association for programs and local clinics. A personal trainer with a certification in strength and conditioning (CSCS) or National Academy of Sports Medicine certification are additional resources for the aspiring athlete.

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